The Importance of Pool Service and Maintenance

The Importance of Pool Service and Maintenance
December 20, 2018 sdcdev
The Importance of Pool Service and Maintenance

Your pool can be your best place to chill and reconnect with yourself. However, if you do not service your pool regularly it might be the cause of your discomfort. Take cleaning your pool for example, your pool collects a lot of hair oils, dissolved detergents, and other dirt. If you do not clean your pool regularly, these impurities will form a film on the walls of the pool which will be very difficult to scrub. Pool servicing and equipment maintenance help improve the functions of your pool in many ways:


Safe pH Levels

If you do not service your pool, the chemicals in the water will not be balanced. You should ensure that the pH levels are safe for your health. A low pH value is particularly dangerous as it causes skin irritation and eye itching. Monitoring the pH values and chlorine content in the pool will make it safer for you and your family.


Managing Leaks

You can never know how bad your pool leaks if you do not service it. A simple leak, if not attended to in due time can damage your pool entirely. While you can easily ignore a small leak, it will increase the cost of water as it extends in diameter. Leaks can go beyond the vinyl layer, and affect the concrete layer.


Save Money

Most people think that regular pool service is expensive. The truth is, when you service your pool regularly, you are able to detect problems before they materialize. Early detection of such serious problems as leaks, algae growth, or a plumbing error will save you money in the long run as you can avoid major repairs.

In conclusion, any amount of money you invest in pool servicing and equipment maintenance is well-spent. When you maintain your equipment, you will not be buying new ones as often as someone who doesn’t. However, pool servicing can be such a daunting task. Please contact us today for professional pool service at affordable rates.

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