5 Important Things To Consider Before Pool Installation

5 Important Things To Consider Before Pool Installation
March 25, 2021 sdcdesign
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It’s great that you have decided your home deserves a pool, but this is just the beginning. Have you considered the location, dimensions, or the pool construction process? We’ll give you some tips that will make the process much easier for you. Here are some important aspects that you should know before building your pool that will come in handy so you don’t make a single mistake.


Before building the pool of your dreams, remember to spend some time planning. Important factors to take into account when planning are: who is going to use the pool the most, your budget, and the ways you plan on using your pool. This will serve as the basis for a very convenient pool design.

Accessibility and Terrain

A professional pool construction company with a proven track record of satisfied clients will have to study and analyze the composition of the land to avoid long-term problems with settlement of the pool. The pool must be seated on firm and completely horizontal ground. The pool is a great complement to your home and a long-term project, so do not rush it. 

Best Location

The location is also an important aspect of pool construction. Not only does it help with accessibility and convenience, but can help with considerations such as privacy and upkeep. Discard those areas that have roots that may make it difficult to excavate or lift the soil later causing damage to the pool. Also, it is important to not locate it near trees or bushes that release a lot of leaves and dirt. This will save you time and money in maintenance.


Building a swimming pool also involves thinking about its maintenance. Maintaining a pool takes time and money. You can carry out this maintenance work yourself (cleaning, water purification, etc.) or hire a specialist who can check aspects such as the pH or chlorine levels. There are also other options that will save you money later, such as installing an outdoor cover or using an automatic pool cleaner.

Dimensions of Your Pool

Obviously, the dimensions will be conditioned by the space and characteristics of the terrain. However, when the possibilities are many, it is best to sit back and focus as these dimensions will also influence the budget. What size pool do you need? There are standard sizes that can help you, for example, five square meters for about 4 or 5 people. The same goes for shape (curved or straight) or depth. The best thing is for a professional to advise you. Ask for several quotes with several different pool options and study the pros and cons of all of them.

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