Designing a Safe Pool for Children

Designing a Safe Pool for Children
April 8, 2021 sdcdesign

It’s no secret that children love swimming pools. Here are a few thi7ngs to consider when designing a pool for the whole family.

Consideration 1: Age

Discuss with your designer the ages of the children who will be using your pool and make decisions accordingly. Planning a pool with younger, smaller children in mind means creating areas built for shorter bodies. Speak to your designer about creating a large shallow section where children can stand. Look into adding sunbathing shelves to  give little ones a place to rest and hang out without having to tread water. Remember to include wide, shallow steps as well. 

Consideration 2: Supervision

Children shouldn’t swim without adults watching in case they get hurt. This is why most jurisdictions mandate fences around pools; they make sure that children can’t sneak in without their guardians. While you are at it, you can design a pool that is easy to supervise. Make sure the line of sight from one end to the other is clear and that parents can get comfortable around the pool while the children play. Lots of shade and shallow parts to sit in are recommended because it will allow people to hang around longer, and then they won’t be tempted to hop into the house for an umbrella.

Consideration 3: Additional Safety

Young children require extra safeguards. For the best safety standards you will need more guardrails, wider steps, and safer materials. Because children are less likely to watch where they are going, considering adding slip-resistant surfaces around your pool. Talk to your designer about the benefits of safe materials used in pool slides and leave plenty of space between diving boards and the nearest wall. Parents can’t be everywhere, but your design can provide some backup.

Alan Jackson Pools has years of experience designing with children in mind. Contact us if you would like more information about creating a great in-ground pool built to provide fun for the entire family.


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