4 Fun Features for Your New Backyard Pool

4 Fun Features for Your New Backyard Pool
July 17, 2017 sdcadmin
4 Fun Features for Your New Backyard Pool

Pools are a fun investment. They are great for having fun with your family or to host an outdoor party. Swimming or playing games in a pool allow people to exercise. Even before you get a backyard pool, though, you can start having fun as you decide exactly what features are an essential part of your family’s backyard pool. Here are just a few of the fun pool features you may want to include in your own pool design:


Adjacent Spa

Some people enjoy having a spa adjacent to their backyard pool as a place to relax. As the weather gets a little cooler this fall, a spa is also a great place to warm-up a little after swimming in your cooler pool. Your spa can be right next to your pool, allowing occupants to move from one to the other quickly. You may also find that you like having your pool and your spa separated by several feet, giving each area its own space.



Slides are a fun feature to add to any backyard pool. Your slide can be as simple or elaborate as you desire. It can be a short, straight slide,  a tall, twisty slide or anything in between.


Water Features

Many people enjoy adding fun water features, such as fountains or waterfalls, to their backyard pool. These features make your pool more beautiful while also adding an extra element of fun as you swim or play in the pool.



If you only plan to use your pool when it is light outside or if you already have great outdoor lighting, you may not want to add extra lighting to your pool area. Even if you only anticipate using the lighting occasionally, though, you may find it more useful than you expected.

These are just some of the features people enjoy adding to their backyard pools. If you want to learn more about creating your perfect pool, contact us.

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