3 Questions to Ask When Picking Your Perfect Pool Design

3 Questions to Ask When Picking Your Perfect Pool Design
July 13, 2017 sdcpm
3 Questions to Ask When Picking Your Perfect Pool Design

As summer approaches, many people in our area will be looking for opportunities to relax and cool off. A backyard pool is one great way to relax and cool off this summer. If you have been considering getting a pool of your own, there are three questions you can ask yourself to help you get a pool that is great for your family’s needs.

What Shape Do I Want?

While many people envision a traditional rectangle pool, backyard pools come in a variety of shapes. Many people enjoy pools that have curved sides rather than straight edges. In some cases, the shape of your backyard pool may be determined by the available area in your backyard. For example, maybe your pool will need to be longer, skinnier, and a little curvy to avoid some of your current landscaping features.

What is the Purpose of My Pool?

For many people, the main reason they want a backyard pool is to give their family and friends a place to cool off and have fun during the summer. If a family member will be using the pool for training for a swim team, or if you plan to regularly play games such as water volleyball, in your pool, you may need your pool to be a specific size and shape.

Do I Want Other Features?

Many people want something beyond just a basic backyard pool. Waterfalls and fountains are two fun water features many people enjoy including in their backyard pool. Slides are another fun feature you may want to consider. Some people also enjoy including a spa, either attached to the pool or separate. If you anticipate spending time in your pool after dark, you may also want to invest in lighting around your pool.

If you are interested in getting your own backyard pool, contact us. Even if you do not know exactly what you want, we can help you create a pool that works wonderfully for your family.

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