Use a Pool Ionizer to Keep Your Pool Clean, Clear and Safe

Use a Pool Ionizer to Keep Your Pool Clean, Clear and Safe
April 12, 2017 sdcpm
Use a Pool Ionizer to Keep Your Pool Clean, Clear and Safe

Using a pool ionizer is a great way to keep your swimming pool clean, sparkling and safe. A pool ionizer releases positive copper and silver ions into your swimming pool water. These ions help keep your pool clean. Here are some benefits of having an ionizer.

Keeps Out Bacteria

The positive ions are extremely effective in killing bacteria, fungi, and algae in the water. This makes your pool a cleaner and safer place.

Use Less Chlorine

Using an ionizer reduces the need of chlorine and other harmful cleaning chemicals. You won’t have to add as much chlorine as you usually do if you have an ionizer. This will lead to less skin and eye burning, will make it safer for pets when they drink from your pool and will lead to less corrosion of your pool materials, which are caused by the use of chemicals. It also leads to a better swimming experience, including less of a chlorine smell.

Clearer Waters

One of the largest causes of unclean water is the presence of tiny particles that your filtration system doesn’t catch. The positive ions released by your ionizer can bind with the negative elements of these particles and make them large enough to be filtered out.

Save Money

If you have an ionizer, you will be able to save money in the long run. You will not have to continually buy large amounts of chemicals and chlorine for your pool.

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