Tips for Preparing Your Pool for the Fall

Tips for Preparing Your Pool for the Fall
October 5, 2016 sdcadmin

As the temperature creeps down at night, it’s time to think about the changing of the seasons. Before you know it, the summer sun is gone and the school books and colors of fall are back. You work all summer to maintain a beautiful, relaxing pool. Keep up the good work by preparing your pool for the fall. This way you know that as soon as the temperatures rise next year, your pool is ready to go.

Prepare the Tools

Before you address the water, look at the tools that keep your pool going.

  • Before you work on the tools, disconnect them.
  • Clean everything thoroughly. Months in chemicals can leave the filter and other parts in need of a good deep cleaning.
  • Clean and if need be, remove the filter. Replace it next year before you open the pool for the first time.
  • Take out those nice jets. Place them somewhere covered and secure. In case your cover slips off, you don’t want ice to get in the jets.

Shell Out the Preparation

  • After taking care of the tools, it’s time to care of the shell.
  • Check your chemicals, make sure everything is in balance. Pools are like people they need a balance in their system to function as they should.
  • Winterize the main water. It will keep the water from turning or filling with algae.
  • Deep clean the shell.  It needs it after a summer full of fun and various liquids.
  • Take everything out! No winter pool noodles needed here. Make sure all toys and other fun things are out. Clean them well then store them for fun next year.

Check for Damage

After checking the water, cleaning the shell, and taking care of the tools check for damage. The summer is a busy time for your pool. Once everyone is gone, do a good inspection of the shell and the deck.

  • Check for all damage small and large.
  • Replace light bulbs.
  • Address cracks before the temperatures drop and potentially makes them bigger.
  • After you clean and check everything, cover the pool. It’s time to put it away for the year.
  • Check the cover regularly during the off-season to ensure it’s staying in place and undamaged.

If you have questions about preparing your pool, contact us today. We look forward to working with you and ensuring your pool is ready for next year.

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