Three Ways a Backyard Oasis Will Improve Your Life

Three Ways a Backyard Oasis Will Improve Your Life
July 20, 2016 sdcadmin

When you think of a pool, what do you think of? The one at the gym? A community pool? A spa vacation get-away? Or, do you think of your own pool, sparkling turquoise like Caribbean water, and surrounded by custom tile and a deck?

If it’s the latter, you’re thinking of a backyard oasis.

Making a pool and its hardscaping the focal point of your backyard is beautiful. But it will also improve your life. Here’s how.

  • It provides easily accessible exercise. Yes, you can head off to the gym or bicycle around. But swimming is fantastic exercise for all age groups. It’s great cardio. Not only that, but everyone knows it’s hard to make time for the 3 times a week workout that is going to keep you healthy. It’s much easier if the exercise equipment is 5 steps out your patio, and very inviting.
  • It builds family togetherness. It’s easy for families to break into small micro-units instead of hanging out together. Maybe one parent likes to watch TV in the evening and the other likes woodworking. Maybe one child likes a DVD and another wants to hang on her computer. That makes for few shared times and conversations. With a backyard oasis, on the other hand, the family tends to congregate. It’s beautiful and inviting. Imagine yourself sitting on a summer’s night finding the Big Dipper together, or timing laps.
  • It establishes a neighborhood social center. It can be hard to meet your neighbors, or see where your kids go when they head out with friends. With a backyard oasis, you can invite people over and your kids and their friends will want to stay put.

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