Three Big Benefits of Creating A Backyard Oasis with An Inground Pool

Three Big Benefits of Creating A Backyard Oasis with An Inground Pool
August 3, 2016 sdcadmin

Few additions, inside or outside, to your home can create as much enjoyment and overall appeal as creating a backyard oasis by adding an in-ground pool to your landscape. Sure, four season porches are nice. Gardens are beautiful, and lush fields of green grass are great for the kids to run around on. But, the most bang for your outdoor entertaining dollar is done with an in-ground pool and a beautifully designed landscape around it. The following is a list of three big benefits to having one of these on your property.

  • Fun for The Whole Family – Everybody in the family can enjoy the pleasures associated with having an in-ground pool. The kids can have their friends over and with proper adult supervision, you’ve got the place to be in the neighborhood. For the adults in the household, what better way is there to relax and unwind after a long day of work than sitting by the pool with an iced tea or some wine and cheese?
  • Staying in Shape – As we get older, it can be increasingly harder to stay physically fit. Some of the things we used to do to stay in shape just aren’t possible anymore. Running is too hard on the shins and knees. Basketball is nothing more than an injury waiting to happen. Even golf can take its toll on our lower back and shoulders. Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises you can routinely perform to stay fit with no real impact or unnecessary stress on creaky joints and old bones.
  • Resale Value – Many people balk at the idea of installing a beautiful in-ground pool for their outdoor area because they cast the idea off as being too expensive. The reality is that an in-ground pool will add significant resale value to your home — an average of five percent according to the National Association of Realtors. Therefore, you stand to gain a significant portion of your investment back when you do sell your home, even if it is a plan for very far down the road. You may even recoup your total investment and then some.

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