The Most Popular Swimming Pool Shapes

The Most Popular Swimming Pool Shapes
February 15, 2018 sdcdesign
The Most Popular Swimming Pool Shapes

When you start the design process for a new swimming pool, you’ll quickly learn that swimming pools come in many styles, sizes, and shapes. This can make the whole process seem a little more overwhelming, but certain factors may dictate the shape of your pool for you. This means things like the size of your lot, the amount of space that you have available, the layout of your property, sun exposure, your budget, and more. Let’s take a look at the most popular swimming pool shapes.



Most people probably think of a rectangular shape when they think of an in-ground swimming pool. That’s because when swimming pools started becoming popular many years ago, they were all made in the shape of a rectangle. Not only is it a practical shape, but the long straightness of a rectangular pool is perfect for swimming laps to exercise.


Round or Oval

Another popular shape for swimming pools is round or oval. It’s another practical shape that just seems to fit nicely into any backyard.



Kidney shaped swimming pools have quickly gained popularity. They are in the shape of a kidney bean and give people the chance to have a pool that is not so straight and traditional.


Figure 8 

Figure 8 swimming pools resemble the number 8 or an hourglass. This means that they have circular shapes at the ends and are narrow in the middle. The ends aren’t always the same size.


Other Shapes 

If you really want to get unique, consider other shapes, like an octagon, an L shape, or even a novelty or custom shape. The more unique you get, the more formal your pool will look. You can really get creative.


Contact us today to learn more about the different shapes that swimming pools are available in, and for help deciding which one is right for you and your home.

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