Should You Get A Pool With A Deep End?

Should You Get A Pool With A Deep End?
August 3, 2017 sdcpm
Appropriately Servicing Your Pool

Many people interested in buying their first pool think that a deep end is a great investment. However, that may not be the case. This is especially true if their children will be the ones primarily using the pool. Here’s why getting a pool with a deep end may not be the best choice.

Deep Ends Alienate Children

Young children (the people most likely to use a pool) are likely going to be alienated by the installation of a deep end. While many strong young swimmers will enjoy testing their skills there, it may scare others away. The real test is to gauge how often the deep end will be used and whether it is worth installing.

Will You Use It?

If you plan on regularly diving in your pool’s deep end and using it to work out, then it is likely worth the investment. A deep end is a great way for you to get in some exercise and experience the thrill of diving. However, if you end up rarely, if ever, using it, it may have been a bad choice.

A Good Balance

If you are concerned that you’ll rarely use your pool’s deep end, try installing one that has a five-feet depth at the end. While this will be too deep for some children, they will eventually grow tall enough to handle it. This shallower depth is also less likely to alienate them from using it.

Anyone who is interested in installing a pool with or without a deep end should contact us today to get an estimate on the cost.

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