Regular Pool Service is Your Key to a Sparkling Pool

Regular Pool Service is Your Key to a Sparkling Pool
June 15, 2016 sdcadmin

It’s June, and chances are you have not even thought about your pool since last Summer. If that’s the case, it’s probably not looking real great. Perhaps the water is hazy, or even green? With the hot weather on its way, now is the time for pool service.

The key to keeping your pool looking and running its best is consistent, professional service. Many factors contribute to your pool’s overall health: ample water circulation, proper water chemistry and replacing broken parts or equipment, just to name a few. Regular service ensures that these issues don’t get out of hand.

In order for your pool to sparkle, you want to make sure that the circulation and filtration systems are in tip-top shape. Use this checklist to look for ways your pool might be crying for help.

  • Skimmer(s): pull of the lid and check for water circulation. You should see a definite flow of water into the skimmer; no flow=poor circulation. By the way, the “flapper” that sits in the skimmer mouth, called a weir blade, is a necessary part. It helps to draw in leaves and debris and makes sure they end up in the skimmer basket or filter.
  • Water level: try to keep it about halfway up the tiles. Too much causes poor circulation, which leads to hazy water, while not enough can cause your pump to run dry and blow out the bearings.
  • Pump: stand near it and listen; you should hear a smooth, humming sound. If you hear a high-pitched squeal, the bearings probably need replacing.

At Alan Jackson Pools, we are ready to provide quality, professional service for your pool. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your maintenance needs and questions. Happy swimming!


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