Pools: The Perfect Place for Summer Fun

Pools: The Perfect Place for Summer Fun
June 29, 2016 sdcpm

Looking for some summer pool fun?

The summer heat can be brutal, but nobody wants to be inside missing out on a beautiful day outside. The pool is a perfect place for summer fun without being too hot. Below are some ideas of fun activities you can do in or around the pool.


  • Sharks and Minnows: One person (the shark) stands on the deck with their back to the pool. The other swimmers (the minnows) are in the pool with either a hand or foot touching the inner wall of the pool. The minnows try to swim to the other side of the pool without the shark tagging them. The shark can turn around if they think a minnow has left the wall. If the shark is right, they jump in and try to catch the minnow before they get to the wall. If the shark is wrong and no minnows have left the wall, then the shark must take a step away from the pool. If all the minnows make it to the other side of the pool without being tagged, the shark is “it” again or may pick a new shark (pre-determined pool rule).
  • Treasure Dive:  Put small toys or coins (items that sink are best) in the pool.  Have swimmers “dive” for treasure.
  • Handstand Contest:  Have swimmers compete in handstand contests in the water. Special awards can be given for longest, most creative, most graceful, craziest, etc.
  • Cannonball Contest:  Have swimmers compete in a cannonball contest. Special awards can be given for biggest splash, smallest splash, loudest splash, tallest splash, etc.
  • Obstacle Course:  Set up an obstacle course for swimmers. Ideas can include swimming around or through floaties, splashing a floating bucket full of water until it sinks, retrieving a coin from the bottom of the pool, swimming a specific stroke, etc.
  • Clown Car Float:  Purchase a pool float. Swimmers see how many people they can fit on the float before they start to sink or fall off.
  • Follow the Swimmer:  Just like follow the leader but in the water.


Themed Pool Parties

  • Glow Swim:  Purchase a bunch of glow sticks and other glow-in-the-dark products. Wait for it to get dark then put the glowing products in the pool and on the swimmers.
  • Beach Party:  Purchase tan towels to place around the deck to simulate sand. Beach balls and sunglasses can be cheap and fun party favors and enhance the theme.
  • Aquatic Olympics:  Organize games and teams to host the Aquatic Olympics.


These are just a few ideas for some summer fun by the pool. So grab your swimsuit and your friends and head out to the pool for some fun.

Water safety is extremely important. Remember to supervise children and never swim impaired.

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