Pool Service Means Equipment Maintenance As Well in Palmdale, Lancaster or Santa Clarita

Pool Service Means Equipment Maintenance As Well in Palmdale, Lancaster or Santa Clarita
April 6, 2016 sdcadmin
Regular pool service and maintenance are, by far, the most important aspects of keeping your pool clean and usable. Much like regular vehicle service, your pool benefits greatly from routine cleaning and monthly specialized service.

But did you know that servicing your pool means more than just weekly skimming and cleaning? It’s just as important to maintain pool equipment and pumps as it is to chlorinate your water, for example.

In this post, we’ll outline and explain which equipment requires routine maintenance and service, and why you should make it a point to perform this maintenance regularly.


Though pool and hot tub pumps are generally self-priming, they sometimes need an extra hand. Make it a point to clean out the strainer basket once a week. A clean strainer basket ensures that your pump will work as intended.

While you are cleaning your pump’s strainer basket, take a close look at the seals and O-rings as well. Cracked or decaying parts require maintenance immediately.

If you find a leak, do not run the pump until it is repaired. A pump leak means that you need a professional right away. Chances are, your pump will need to be replaced before normal operation can resume.

Pool Heater

Electric and gas pool heaters can last years without service. But it’s never a bad idea to check it every so often to ensure that it is working as designed.

Further, if a pump isn’t heating, check it for a calcium scale build-up in the tubes. Too much calcium can inhibit proper heat flow from the unit to the water. To remedy a calcium scale problem, have a professional take the unit apart and clean the tubes with a brush. A thorough cleaning can oftentimes fix any problems associated with the pool heater.

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