The Adult Only Pool Party

The Adult Only Pool Party
October 26, 2016 sdcadmin

Pool parties are a crowd-pleaser no matter what the age of the crowd. You may believe that pool safety is not an issue of concern when hosting an adult only pool party. However, a responsible pool owner knows that pools come with safety concerns no matter who is using the pool. Let’s look at some safety concerns that might be issues at an adult only pool party.

  1. Alcohol: We certainly do not encourage the consumption of alcohol around the pool for obvious safety reasons. However, as this is about adult only pool parties it would be ignorant not to address the fact that alcohol consumption may happen. We hope that your adult guests are responsible adults and know how to drink responsibly so we won’t lecture on that. Instead, we would like to remind you that glass containers and pools can be a safety hazard. Ensure that no glass containers are near the pool and you can ensure that they won’t be dropped on the pool deck or into the pool and broken, which can lead to cuts and a terrible pain to clean up.
  2. Buddy Not Babysitter:  No adult wants to feel like they are being babysat or watched by another adult. However, everyone, no matter their age, can get a cramp or have a medical emergency (seizure, stroke, heart attack, etc.) in the pool. Make sure that you and your guests are aware of those around you in the pool and that everyone is included in activities and conversations. Basically, make a buddy, include your buddy, and keep your buddy safe. This will help ensure that a medical issue doesn’t go unnoticed and a tragedy doesn’t occur without causing guests to feel like they are being watched like a child might be.
  3. You’re Not as Young as You Once Were:  While it might be fun to challenge each other to show off their best tricks, it may not be the safest idea. It is important to remember that while you might have been able to do a double back flip into the pool as a kid, you aren’t a kid any more, probably haven’t practiced that back flip in years, and very well may hurt yourself trying to relive your glory days. Don’t put yourself or your guests at risk of injury for the sake of fun or showing off.

Adult only pool parties can be a great time and you paid for that pool so you deserve to have a great time in it. Just take into consideration the previously discussed safety issues as well as general pool safety rules and you are certain to have a fantastic time. If we can help you with any of your pool needs, please contact us.

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