Pool Landscaping Options for Privacy

Pool Landscaping Options for Privacy
December 28, 2016 sdcpm

If you are gearing up to have your backyard and pool remodeled, this is a perfect opportunity to make your pool area the oasis you deserve. Landscaping tricks you might want to take into account are privacy options for your own backyard. Here are three tricks that you can incorporate into your pool designing plan that can bring a feeling of seclusion to your backyard.

1. Utilize Covered Cabanas or Separating Screens

Borrowing a trick from resorts, you can break up your pool area with more private areas to relax in with seating and lounging areas. This can be in the form of lounges or cabanas that have fabric covering options that can bring privacy to your poolside relaxing. Incorporating movable screens can keep nearby homes from being able to view your pool area as well.

2. Opt for Taller Fencing

While it can be hard to fully keep your backyard private, one way to up the ante is with taller fencing, especially in your pool area. You can heighten the fencing you have already with a lattice topper, or you might want to have a pool landscaping team build up a stone or brick wall that can give better protection to your pool area.

3. Incorporate Taller Plants

A great way to bring a lush feeling to your pool area and up your privacy options is with taller plants that can provide greenery and seclusion. Quick growing plants such as bamboo or vines can grow up against existing fencing and will fill in any gaps to keep your pool a private space to relax in.

Having a pool can be fun for your family, but might not be an area of your yard you want on display. If you can incorporate privacy landscaping into the original planning of your pool area, your pool and surrounding areas will have everything your family needs. Contact us for more ideas and to help landscaping your pool area to fit your personal needs.

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