Pool Designs – Not All Pools Are Built The Same

Pool Designs – Not All Pools Are Built The Same
September 14, 2017 sdcpm

Pool designing is about more than just opening the phone book and finding a pool company.  There is a great deal of planning and thought involved in having a pool that really works with your home and yard.  There are several things to consider as you create your perfect pool space.


Deck surface

Do you want the flat, white concrete look of a commercial pool, the rough look of natural stone, or the weathered look of wood decking?  Each option can dramatically change the atmosphere of the pool’s landscape.


Plants or not?

Plants can add a natural, relaxing feel to your pool landscape, but what type of plants should you choose.  Tall, tropical plants like palm trees create a very different feeling than short cut grass and ground phlox.  Consider the mood you want to create in your pool area and choose your plants accordingly.



Slides are great for kids. Waterfalls and hot tubs are relaxing. Diving boards are a welcome addition if you are a serious swimmer.  Think about who will be using your pool and for what purpose.  Will you do water aerobics, swim laps, lounge with a drink, laugh with your friends?  Your pool should meet your needs.



Strategically placed lights can showcase certain elements of your pool landscape.  Likewise, lack of light might help hide unsightly areas.  Colored lights create a fun atmosphere.  Lamps or streetlights will illuminate a large area.  When will you be using your pool, and how much artificial light do you really need?



Most states require pool owners to have some type of safety fencing around the pool.  Think about the look you want to achieve.  Is chain link the choice for you, or do you prefer 6-foot tall privacy fencing? How will you keep pets and children out of the pool?  Can you use shrubs to create a natural fence?


Shape and depth

How large is the area where you plan to put the pool?  What shape is the area?  A square pool in a square backyard will lack visual interest, but a pool with custom designed curves will create an inviting space.  Also, who will be using your pool and how deep should it be?  If you only want to swim laps, you might only want a four-foot deep pool. If you plan to install a slide or diving board, you will need more depth.


As you can see, there are many factors to consider when you start planning a pool.  It is about more than just picking a size and digging. Take a good look at your yard and your needs.  Preplanning will help you get just the right pool for your family. Make a list of options you would like to have and create a list of things you definitely do not want. Then contact us to make your dream a reality.

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