Natural Travertine: A Foundation for Elegant Pool Design

Natural Travertine: A Foundation for Elegant Pool Design
November 2, 2016 sdcadmin

As a natural stone, travertine is a high-end choice for beautiful swimming pool design. With natural palettes on trend for contemporary home and pool decor, travertine is an excellent modern choice to create a durable, beautiful pool deck design that enhances your home in Southern California’s landscape.

Warm Climate Appeal

Light-colored travertine excels in warm climates, as it feels cooler than other common pool materials such as concrete, slate or brick. By reflecting rather than retaining heat, you can enjoy a pool deck that feels cool on a hot day. Because it is a natural stone, it is also resistant to fading and frost damage, and it is an ideal material for a variety of climates and outdoor locations.

Slip-Resistant Natural Stone

As a porous stone, travertine’s ability to absorb water means your pool deck will not remain wet and slippery when in use, and the travertine will retain a beautiful look for many years. With sophisticated elegance and a slip-resistant surface, travertine is a practical choice for swimming pools that will add high-end value and appeal to your home.

Beautiful Color Palette

Although there are many colors of travertine from which to choose, the natural palette of travertine creates a quiet contrast with the bright sunny skies, blue waters and green foliage of your elegant landscaping. As a trend-setting color, it has a timeless appeal that never goes out of style, and the soft color has a spa-like beauty that creates a peaceful environment for exercise and relaxation.

Elegant Pool Design

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