Why Keeping “Muck” Out Of Your Pool Is So Important

Why Keeping “Muck” Out Of Your Pool Is So Important
June 15, 2017 sdcpm

A good pool should be clean and fun to swim in, but muck buildup can make it impossible. Just what is this green goop and why is it so important to get it out of your pool as soon as possible?

That “Muck” Is Alive

All that “gross” green muck that fills up your pool is actually a collection of living creatures. Often, it is a floating fungus that can contaminate your pool and make it impossible to swim in it. This kind of muck is usually pretty easy to clean with a good filter or with a pool cleaning tool.

Why This Muck Builds Up

If you are seeing an excessive amount of muck building on the surface of your pool water, there’s a chance your filters may have broken down. Even worse, your chlorine or salt pumping system may also have stopped working. Without these systems, muck is allowed to roam free in your pool.

Get Them Fixed Immediately

The most important step you can take now is to get these pool items fixed. This will make it easier for you to clean up the muck and keep your pool free from it. You may also want to have your pool drained and cleaned. This will ensure that it is disinfected of this disgusting item for good.

If you are ready to get rid of the muck in your pool, please contact us today. We are always ready to help customers like you get the muck out of their pools for good.

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