When You Have To Keep Your Pool Construction Simple

When You Have To Keep Your Pool Construction Simple
February 1, 2018 sdcpm
When You Have To Keep Your Pool Construction Simple

Having a swimming pool put in your backyard doesn’t mean that you have to go big, extravagant, and expensive. Sometimes pools that are small and simple are just as enjoyable. Keep reading to get some simple pool construction ideas.


Pool Size 

Size is perhaps the biggest deciding factor on how much your pool will cost. Obviously the bigger you go the bigger the expenses will be. Really think about the size of your yard, the size of your family, and obviously the size of your budget. Talk with your family about what their thoughts are and their needs are for the pool. Sometimes something big enough to just cool off in is perfect. Unless you have a very large family or are planning on swimming long laps, a smaller sized pool is just fine in most cases.


Construction Materials 

The material of your pool can make a big difference in upfront costs. If you really want to go standard and inexpensive, vinyl liner pools are the way to go. The downside with this is that you will likely have to replace the liner over time, and there are not a lot of shapes and sizes to choose from since the liners are only made certain ways. If you want a step up from vinyl, while still staying within your budget, consider a concrete pool. While they are more expensive to build, you’ll have fewer leakage problems, and you can have them made in nearly any shape. As with the vinyl, the pool plaster will need replacement over time as well.


If you’d like to learn more about keeping your pool construction simple, contact us at Alan Jackson pools for help and more ideas.


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