In Ground Pools vs. Above Ground When you Have Kids

In Ground Pools vs. Above Ground When you Have Kids
August 31, 2016 sdcpm

When you have kids, a built-in pool is actually a more practical choice than an above ground pool. Above ground pools have several drawbacks.


Above ground pools may be inexpensive initially, but they don’t last that long–especially when you have kids. Before you know it, they’ve ripped the liner, broken the ladder and bent the railing. In fact, some families end up replacing their above ground pool every year.


Above ground pools look cheap, and your home owner’s association may not even permit you to have one of these unsightly pools. Your snooty neighbor with the two-story doesn’t want a view of your above ground pool, and he’ll be sure to turn you in to the H.O.A. Even if you live in more of an anything-goes type of community, having an above ground pool can make your house difficult to sell.


A built-in pool not only looks impressive, but it can be great for your family’s social life. If you settle for an above ground pool, your kids’ friends will choose another house to go hang out at this summer that has a “real” swimming pool.


Kids love to dive, and they think rules are made to be broken, but above ground pools typically aren’t deep enough for safe diving. Not only that, but who wants to experience the torture of gradually easing yourself into cold water? With a built-in pool, you can have a deep end, making it possible to dive in head first.

Some parents mistakenly think that an above ground pool doesn’t need a fence around it, but toddlers have an uncanny ability to climb, and no, removing the ladder isn’t enough. If you have very young children, getting an above ground pool does not eliminate the need for a fence around it.

The winner of the in ground pools vs. above ground pools debate is clear. Just take the plunge and get an in ground pool.

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