Four Questions to Ask Before Having A Pool Installation

Four Questions to Ask Before Having A Pool Installation
August 24, 2017 sdcpm
Four Questions to Ask Before Having A Pool Installation

Swimming pools are a great investment and will not only increase the value of your home, they will also provide endless hours of summer fun. But before you install a pool there some questions you need to ask your installation specialist.


How is a pool installation completed?

The method of the installation depends on the kind of pool: fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl.

  • Fiberglass Pool Construction: The installation team ships the fiberglass pool in one piece and excavates a hole. The installation team puts a base material into the hole and they lower the pool into place.
  • Concrete Pool Construction: Pool installation experts build these pools with concrete, plaster, and steel. They excavate the hole and put steel rebar in place. Concrete is poured and formed into the shape of a pool. The technicians install coping and tile and complete the finishing work.
  • Vinyl Liner Pool Construction: Vinyl Liner pools use a thin liner – as thick as ten sheets of paper – to lock the pool water in place. The installation technicians form the shape with metal or plastic side walls and then they lower a cement-based product down onto the pool’s floor.


How long does swimming pool construction take?

The length of time it takes to install a pool depends on the type of pool:

  • A fiberglass pool project will take between three to six weeks to complete.
  • A concrete pool takes longer, between two to five months and technicians install it on site.
  • A vinyl liner pool installation is somewhat quick, taking around four to eight weeks.


What are some common swimming pool construction problems?

Pool construction problems come in two varieties:

  • Leaks: Leaks could happen where pool fittings meet at the skimmer or return jets. They also happen in below ground pool plumbing.
  • Structural problems: In vinyl liner pools wall panels that are not properly secured with a concrete footing, may shift. Concrete pools have the potential to shift or crack, and the same goes for a fiberglass pool that is installed improperly.


How do I find a reputable swimming pool contractor?

When selecting your pool installation you should ask some specific questions such as:

  • The number of pools they have installed since their business started.
  • The number of pools they have installed in the last year.
  • The number of those installations with solid references.

If you are in need of advice from pool installation specialists, contact us today and find out how you can be poolside sooner than you think.

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