Designing a Pool Area

Designing a Pool Area
January 10, 2017 sdcpm
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Pool design shouldn’t stop with the pool itself. To get the full effect, the plan must also include the deck, the surrounding landscape, and perhaps a walkway between the pool and the house. By planning everything at the same time, a well-integrated look can be achieved. This will make the final product look much better than any single element. Here are some guidelines for such designs:

Start With a Unique Pool Shape

People’s eyes are always drawn to something out of the ordinary. With pools, it’s easy to capitalize on this effect. That’s because an in-ground pool is always cool, and a fancy shape only makes it cooler.

Surround it With a Fancy Pool Deck

The walkway around a pool can be an integral part of the visual effect. Skip the plain concrete and go for cemented stones or a similarly upscale material. Make this part wide enough for easy walking. To provide places to sit and lounge, just expand the area on one or more sides of the pool.

Surround That With Easy-Care Landscaping

While lush, flowering plants look great, they need plenty of maintenance to stay looking that way. If you don’t mind spending the time on this maintenance, go ahead and use them. Otherwise, go for shrubs and similar plants that only need to be trimmed a couple of times a year.

Avoid using grass near the pool area. By choosing no-mow plants, you’ll avoid the problem of grass clippings blowing into the water.

This general guideline will work for almost all pool installations. For specific ideas, contact us. We focus on landscape designs that include pools.

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