Design Trends for Custom Pools

Design Trends for Custom Pools
December 6, 2018 sdcdev
Design Trends for Custom Pools

It’s an exciting time, you’ve made the decision to install a custom designed pool and you’re looking at the amazing number of choices available. Here are a few design details you may want to consider that will truly make your pool a backyard oasis.


Consider a Darker Interior

The darker pool interior colors blend into the landscape well and mimic natural water in a realistic way. Darker blues and even blacks are becoming very popular because they absorb the sun’s rays and keep the pool warmer. Think about a soothing natural lagoon. If you don’t want to make the whole interior darker, consider a dark mosaic at the waterline that will add beautiful artistry to your pool.


Install In-Pool Ledges

These ledges on the sides of the pool are just under the surface and shallow enough to get your feet wet and wide enough to place a lounge chair. They are perfect for days when you want to enjoy your pool but not necessarily go all the way in. It is a great place to relax with a book or just keep an eye on the kids.


Set Up Pool Automation

Make life easier on yourself by adding pool automation to your design. You can control lighting, chlorine levels and more from your smartphone device. This automation can be costly but savings in time and effort may be worth it if you use your pool a lot.


Install LED Lighting

LED lights not only light up your pool at night but they can change color. This can be fully automated so you don’t have to manually turn on and off your pool lights. They are also more energy efficient and help to ease your safety concerns at night.


Seal the Deal With Safety

Build safety into your design with the proper fencing, adequate lighting, and non-slip stairs and railings.


Finally, once you have decided on all the features that are important for your pool, sit back and let the professional designers at Alan Jackson Pools make it a reality.

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