Why In-Ground Pool Service Is Important for Sellers

Why In-Ground Pool Service Is Important for Sellers
January 14, 2021 sdcadmin
Is an in-ground pool really worth the cost?

Everyone eventually has to move house at least once, and if you have built an in-ground pool in your yard, that means selling your pool as well. You may be tempted to drop your pool maintenance service when you have to do this as part of wrapping up your home. It would be better, however, to keep the pool service until it is officially out of your hands. There are a few reasons for this.

Keeps Pool Attractive

Many people consider a pool in the yard a major selling point. People like envisioning themselves lounging around their new pool in their new home. This can change how much they are willing to buy your home. However, they will change their mind if it looks like the pool needs an overhaul. They will particularly decide against it if failure to maintain it leads to major parts breaking down or calcium deposits discoloring the walls.

Look Professional

Few people want to buy from someone that they consider unprofessional. They will imagine that if you are trying to sell a pool that is obviously a mess, you might be the sort of person who fails to mention other problems with the house or will leave lots of details of the paperwork undone. Dealing with an unprofessional person is often not worth what you get in the end, so people will refuse to do business with you.

Anticipates the Long-Haul

The fact is that some houses stay on the market for a while. You don’t need your pool slowly accumulating algae in the meantime. That would take a lot to clean up when you finally have a buyer if you waited until you had a signed contract in hand.

If you need a pool maintenance service to keep your pool a selling point, contact us. We have flexible cleaning schedules and years of experience, ensuring that your pool sparkles.

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