What to Consider When Designing Your Pool Surroundings

What to Consider When Designing Your Pool Surroundings
June 4, 2020 sdcdesign

Pools have many components that should all come together in order to make one that matches your needs. Designing the deck and other surroundings of your pool deserves consideration and care as well. Here are some things that should be taken into account when you are deciding what the area around your pool should look like.


A primary consideration for the materials and design going around a pool is how safe it is. Pool surroundings made of certain materials can get hot, which make it uncomfortable for people to walk with bare feet to the pool. Certain materials can also get slippery when wet, and pool water often splashes over to the exterior surface. There is also the need to keep the area smooth to prevent people tripping. Safety has to be designed into the pool and surrounding landscape, including leaving ample space to get around the pool and stairs that are clearly defined.


Durability is another key factor when considering the materials that surround your pool. Concrete and natural stone tend to work well because they are able to stand up to a beating. However, how durable you need your material to be depends on what you need your pool for. If it is more of an architectural feature, with a waterfall or feature that blends into the landscape, you will have different considerations to make. If you want an exercise pool that you will use every day, then durability will be a bigger concern.


Pools create puddles and invite bare feet. They can also start to look a little run down if they aren’t well maintained. You will want to design a pool surround that is easy to keep cleaned. This might mean designing minimal surroundings that can be wiped off quickly. It might mean keeping the area around the pool flat and smooth so it can be swept or hosed off easily. It could also mean picking materials that are impermeable so you don’t have stained surfaces. Consider your time constraints for maintenance when designing exterior features. Will you be using a professional service or managing upkeep yourself?


The surroundings of your pool are a key ingredient to the general look of your finished product. Adding tile to the area around your pool creates a different feel than surrounding it with concrete. You will want to have a clear idea of the style and decor that you are going for before you start designing your exterior surface, and that will generally mean having a picture of the general landscape. 

If you are looking to install a pool in your yard and want expert help in creating it, contact us.

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