What To Consider Before Buying A Net Skimmer

What To Consider Before Buying A Net Skimmer
September 5, 2019 sdcadmin

Net skimmers are an essential part of pool ownership. They remove the major debris that can clutter your pool before they clog your filters, and they keep swimmers safe from hazards such as bees that fall into the water. However, picking the right one for your pool takes some thought. Here are a few things to consider:

Types Of Net Skimmers:

  • Automatic

Pool skimmers can be attached to an inlet drain and run by water pressure alone. These types of net skimmers are attached to a hose that pushes water propellers, which causes the skimmer to go around your pool and sweep debris into its filter. Some models sometimes have to be repositioned, since they move randomly and can get stuck in corners. They pick up relatively small particles, and they run so long as the pool pump is on.

  • Manual

This is the classic net on a telescoping pole. The long poles can be hard to control, so how well these clean things up depends on your dexterity and practice with them. They catch big things such as bugs and leaves, which is sometimes all that you need to do to protect your filter from clogs. Where they really shine is in their simplicity: a net on a pole is easy to mend and will never have irreplaceable parts die on you.

  • Self-contained

Some pool skimmers are run off of sunlight, so they can run even when the pump is off. They float on their own on the surface of the pool, just as the automatic pool skimmers do, but they are run off of a solar panel. They can be cheaper to operate since you don’t have to run the pump, but their initial cost can be a bit higher than other types.

Net Maintenance

Nets and filters require the same thing: the fabric that catches the pollutants has to be cleaned regularly. Automatic and self-contained skimmers have filters that you should be able to take out, empty, and then put back in. You should do this on a weekly basis because a clogged filter will keep your skimmer from doing its job. A manual skimmer should be turned inside out and rinsed off after each use to keep the fabric clear of debris.

Net skimmers are your first step in pool maintenance. If you want to know what else you can do to keep your pool clean, contact us. Alan Jackson Pools has plenty of expertise and can set up a pool maintenance schedule for you.

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