Understanding Pool Construction Terms

Understanding Pool Construction Terms
February 17, 2022 sdcdesign

Pool construction specialists tend to have a language all their own.  If you have never owned an in-ground pool before, then surely the terms and lingo are apt to be confusing.  With that said, the team here at Alan Jackson Pools, Inc. want to take this time to acquaint you with some of the more common pool construction terms used on the project site.

Pool Construction Common Terms

During the in-ground pool construction process, pool contractors rely upon a series of common terms.  We want to help you learn their meanings and have a better understanding of the construction process.

  • Gunite – A form of concrete that is used in the design and build of in-ground pools.
  • Beam – This part of the pool structure is situated at the top and outlines the perimeter shape of the pool.
  • Perimeter – The overall measurement of the pool beam that is vital in calculating the interior surface of a pool.
  • Coping – The material that sits atop the pool beam and serves as a protective cap along the top of the wall, completing the look of the in-ground pool.
  • Rebar – A reinforcing steel that is one of the most important materials used in pool construction. It is used to provide support to the concrete.
  • Pool Interior – The high-quality finish that seals the interior of a gunite pool. It keeps the pool water from leaking while adding to the aesthetic appeal of the pool.
  • Decking – Whether concrete, pavers, textured concrete, wood or tile, the decking is the area that surrounds the pool’s perimeter.
  • Surface Area – The footprint of the pool identifying how much property space the pool will actually take up.
  • Main Trench – This is where all the plumbing pipes of your new pool will merge together.

The Professionals Who Care

At Alan Jackson Pools, our clients are our number one priority.  Our team is steadfast in working alongside our clients and ensuring they are kept apprised  during each phase of the construction project.  We want our clients to have an understanding of what we are doing during their in-ground pool construction and are on hand to answer all their questions.  For more information about our high-quality in-ground pool design and construction be sure to contact us.  As one of the top-rated pool construction companies in the area, you can be sure when you choose the pros here at Alan Jackson Pools, Inc., you are putting your trust into the hands of some of the absolute best in the industry.  Reach out to our team today and let us help turn your backyard into the perfect paradise.

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