Top 3 Ideas for Your In-Ground Pool Remodel

Top 3 Ideas for Your In-Ground Pool Remodel
May 25, 2023 SDC Development 2
Beautiful backyard with swimming pool

Remodeling an existing pool comes with several benefits. For starters, it can increase your pool’s safety, update its look, boost its functionality or even make it larger. That said, pool remodeling is an umbrella term that covers countless potential projects…keep reading if you’d like inspiration for your next pool renovation project.

Add a Diving Board

To many swimmers, diving into a pool headfirst is the best part—and a diving board makes that possible! Moreover, this feature ensures that divers hit the pool’s deepest points while clearing edges and walls. So, if you’d like to make your pool extra fun and safe, consider installing a diving board.

Get a Slide

Want to really impress your neighbors? Opt for a pool slide! Your family and guests will never want to stop playing and your backyard parties will never be short of excitement and entertainment.

Install a Water Feature

Nothing makes a pool more inviting than a beautiful water feature. Your pool remodel is the perfect time to add a rock waterfall or a fountain. Plus, did you know that these beautiful features actually help to keep your pool clean? Both fountains and waterfalls facilitate continuous water movement, encouraging proper chemical distribution and circulation of water through the filter.

Create a Spa Area

Did you know that adding a spa to your current in-ground pool is possible? That’s right…speak with a professional pool remodeler like Alan Jackson to talk about your options. A spa allows you to enjoy your pool all year round and can significantly add to your quality of life.

Contact a Pro

If you’re thinking of creating a spa area, installing a gorgeous water feature, adding a diving board or otherwise, contact Allan Jackson Pools today. We offer exceptional pool remodeling and installation services in the High Desert Area at reasonable costs. Simply give us a call to schedule an onsite estimate.

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