Times You Want To Have Your Pool Custom Designed

Times You Want To Have Your Pool Custom Designed
May 30, 2019 sdcadmin

Many people want pools in their yards, but their vision ends at the standardized rectangular shape that they have seen in the movies. This is extremely limiting. There are at least three times when that one-size-fits-all pool won’t do and it would be better to create something new.

You Have A Small Yard

Modern houses tend to be large, and they compensate for this size by having small yards. Dealing with a small space immediately presents challenges to a traditional, cookie-cutter pool. It will take up too much space and make your yard look even smaller than it already does. This doesn’t mean that you should forgo the joys of having a pool in your backyard. Far from it: this is an invitation to create a design that makes your yard a small oasis. Give your pool a curving shape that will give your yard wide corners, put in a fountain that will take people’s eyes away from the fence, or create an island in the middle of the pool for a spacious feel. The power is in your hands.

Your Yard Has An Irregular Shape

Does your house back up onto a hill? Does the yard end on a weirdly curved road? Does the easement have a funny shape? Your pool can accommodate these little quirks of your property if you have it custom-designed. You can even make the quirks a feature of your pool. Turn the hillside into a cove with a waterfall, or mark the edges of the easement with a deck. The only limit on how your pool enhances your unique yard is your imagination.

You Have Special Needs

Your standard pool is not made for those with special requirements. Perhaps you want to swim but have mobility challenges. This is a shame because pools are great for folks with unique needs. For one thing, the buoyancy of the water makes exercise easier for folks with handicaps. Pools are soothing, too, which is great for everyone. So, perhaps you can make your pool shallow, or, instead of putting in stairs, create a ramp that you can take into the pool. There is no reason that people with special needs can’t enjoy a personal pool if you design it right.

If you want a custom-built pool for any reason, contact us. We will help you make the pool that you need.

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