The Importance of a Well Balanced Pool

The Importance of a Well Balanced Pool
September 6, 2018 sdcdev
The Importance of a Well Balanced Pool

In order to keep your pool safe, comfortable, and clean, the water must be well balanced. This is a pretty complex and confusing process for someone who doesn’t quite understand water balance or know what they’re doing. Let’s take a look at the importance of a well-balanced pool.

Why It’s So Important 

First and foremost, if your pool water is not properly balanced, you are potentially creating an environment for germs and bacteria to grow and breed. Salt-based pools producing chlorine, or chlorine-based tablet pools need to have the correct pH in order for the chlorine sanitizer to work at full strength. And if the balance is not correct, it can directly affect your eyes and your skin as well. It needs to be neither too acidic or too basic to be comfortable. Lastly, imbalanced pool water can lead to corrosion of everything, such as the liner, ladders, handrails, and pool equipment.

How Do You Balance Pool Water?

Total alkalinity and pH work together. The total alkalinity is how much alkaline is in the water. Too much alkaline leads to high pH, and not enough alkaline leads to low pH. You’ll also need a stabilizer to help retain your chlorine longer. Getting the stabilizer level correct can be tricky, because it goes hand-in-hand with the chlorine level. You will need to adjust your chlorine level accordingly. It’s also important to pay attention to the concentration of dissolved minerals, because the more concentrated these minerals become, the harder they are to remove. You don’t want to cause unnecessary staining in your pool or risk having to drain and replace the water.

Properly balancing the water in your pool is a job in itself, literally, which is why you shouldn’t need to worry about it. Contact us today at Alan Jackson Pools and let us keep your pool water safe, comfortable, and clean.



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