Strike the Right Balance: Why is Proper PH so important?

Strike the Right Balance: Why is Proper PH so important?
January 10, 2019 sdcdev
Strike the Right Balance: Why is Proper PH so important?

It’s almost summer time and that means time to get your pool ready for all of the summer fun that awaits. Proper pool maintenance and servicing upfront will mean more enjoyment of your pool during the warm weather months. Water is just water, turn on the garden hose and that’s it, right? Not exactly, for optimal enjoyment, it’s important to make sure your pool water is the right PH. The proper PH of your pool water is between 7.4 and 7.6 which is neutral. A PH below this range is considered acidic and a PH above this range is considered basic.

User Comfort

Swimming, playing, and relaxing in your pool is supposed to be fun and comfortable. The PH of the water can have everything to do with your comfort level. If the water in your pool is anywhere on the scale other than neutral it can cause stinging of the eyes and nasal passages. In many cases, acidic or basic water can strip your hair and skin of essential oils resulting in a higher level of discomfort.

Prevent Inactivating Chlorine

Chlorine is an important chemical in pools mainly for its disinfecting properties. An improper PH level can render chlorine useless. If the PH in your pool is higher than the recommended range, chlorine will become less effective or inactive, causing you to have to add additional chlorine.

Equipment Corrosion

Acidic water is your pool equipment’s worst nightmare. From pumps to ladders, to filtration systems. Over time, if not corrected acidic water will corrode and eat away at your pool’s equipment. This can cause unwanted and unnecessary costly damages.

It is recommended to test the PH of your pool water daily and add increasers and decreasers accordingly. Maintaining the proper PH can increase your level of enjoyment and save you money at the same time. With years of experience, the team at Alan Jackson Pools have the know-how to help you get your pool in summertime shape! Contact us today for more information on how we can help you!


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