Remodeling Your Swimming Pool

Remodeling Your Swimming Pool
January 13, 2022 sdcdesign

A swimming pool is a significant investment and its maintenance should be a vital step. However, if you have a pool that has been in use for a long time and you feel that it’s old or outdated, then a remodel may be needed. A pool renovation, style makeover, or deck upgrading can deliver myriad benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced functionality and aesthetics of the pool.
  • Decreased utility bills due to reduced water and energy consumption.
  • Reduction of maintenance and service costs.

When planning for a pool remodel, there are several renovation options you can consider. Your budget will determine this. Your contractor will advise you on the design options that suit your backyard, family needs, and the region’s regulations. Here are some basic steps for a pool remodel:

Tile Replacement

This is the most popular pool renovation idea. Surrounding the interior perimeter of the pool with gleaming, new ceramic tiles will instantly enhance the pool’s aesthetics.

Installing New Coping

For coping is the border between the pool and the deck. You can replace cracks or chips with new material. There are a variety of materials to choose from.

Re-plastering the Pool’s Interior

Just as your home’s flooring needs an upgrade from time to time, the pool plaster does too. It experiences wear and tear after years of use. You can upgrade with a non-slip tile finish that will give a richer color and a better appearance.

Apply Decorative Elements like Mosaic

If you’re re-plastering, decorative mosaic pieces will add a sophisticated and personalized touch to your pool.

Add Water Features

Some examples of exciting water features are; water-spouting sculptures, natural rock waterfalls, and deck-based laminar jets. These options will instantly lift your pool’s aesthetics. However, these options will depend on the scope and feasibility of your project.

With Alan Jackson Pools Inc., you can get your old pool remodeled according to your specifications. We also have affordable and flexible pool maintenance packages to keep your pool looking fabulous all time. Contact us for any inquiries.

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