Professional Swimming Pool Installation

Professional Swimming Pool Installation
May 21, 2020 sdcadmin
Top 3 Reasons Why Pool Maintenance Is So Important

With summer fast approaching and “Social Distancing” becoming our new normal, there has never been a better time to consider owning your own swimming pool. As city services become locked out and stay at home orders become commonplace, the need for at-home entertainment will quickly grow.

Custom Design Your Personal Oasis

At Alan Jackson Pools, we are uniquely equipped to help guide you through the many options available to you. We employ a team of designers and architects with years of experience that are available to help you do much more than simply “putting in a pool.” Our team is here to help you create the backyard oasis of your dreams with a swimming pool as the centerpiece to well thought out design including a stunning patio or a well equipped outdoor kitchen to bring your backyard entertainment space to life.

From Start to Finish

Our commitment to quality does not end with the design phase of your project. We are honored to serve as your guide through each step of the process including excavation, construction, and all the inspections that take place throughout your project. We will not be satisfied until you are satisfied.

We are proud to offer quality swimming pool components from Hayward Pool Products. Hayward Pool Products offers state of the art equipment such as filters, pumps, heaters, automatic cleaners, lighting, and wireless controls. These high-quality components are all designed to work together so you get the best value with ease of operation.

Commitment to Quality

Happy customers and word of mouth referrals allow us to keep our costs down and our rates competitive with other swimming pool installation services in Palmdale and surrounding areas. If owning the backyard of your dreams is something that interests you, take a look at our gallery for some inspiration and then contact us or give us a call at (661) 273-7231 to set up a free, in-home estimate.

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