Pool Remodeling For An Outdoor Space With All The Right Features

Pool Remodeling For An Outdoor Space With All The Right Features
June 3, 2021 sdcdesign

If you have an old pool, it may be time to consider remodeling it with new features. Today, the options for remodeling your pool can be much more than new surfacing and equipment. You may want to use the remodeling project to complete your other outdoor spaces. The following pool remodeling project ideas will give your home more outdoor living features:

Starting with Pool Equipment Upgrades

The first improvements that you will want to start with when remodeling your pool are equipment upgrades. Today, there are a lot of options for pool equipment upgrades, including:

  • Sand filtration systems with efficient pumps
  • DE (Dynamic Earth) filtration upgrades
  • Saltwater conversions
  • Natural pool filtration designs

The equipment upgrades can make your pool systems more efficient and improve the water quality. This can reduce the cost of operation and maintenance during the summer months.

Renovating Surfacing with an Upgraded Pool Design

You will also want to update the surfacing in your pool when doing major remodeling. There are many options to give your pool a custom design with new surfacing. The changes that you may want to make when resurfacing during your remodel include:

  • Installing natural stone surfacing
  • Replacing tiles with decorative and mosaic designs
  • Adding color and decorative features to plaster finishes

The new pool surfaces are a great option to give your pool a custom look when you have it remodeled. Solutions like tile mosaics in the pool surface can give you options for more personalized custom designs

Remodeling Pool Deck Areas and Integrating Outdoor Spaces

The deck area is another area where you can make some changes when remodeling your pool. There are options for the type of surfacing and design of the pool deck area. Upgrades that you may want to discuss for the pool deck area include:

  • Installing safety covers for skimmers
  • Using natural stone that matches other outdoor surfaces
  • Extending the pool deck area to other outdoor spaces

The pool deck upgrades can extend past the areas around your pool. You may want to use similar materials and designs for other areas like outdoor living spaces.

Adding Water and Rock Features to the Pool and Outdoor Spaces

In addition to the deck areas, you may also want to add other water and rock features to the design. The water and rock features can be part of the pool design and integrated into other outdoor areas around your home. Water and rock features that you may want to discuss with your pool contractor include:

  • Natural-looking waterfalls with rock details
  • Rock gardens that flow into the pool
  • Synthetic rock grottos and landscaping structures

The water and rock features you add to your pool remodeling project will complete the custom design. They can also be a great solution to add privacy to the pool and outdoor spaces.

Alan Jackson Pools

The remodeling of your pool should give you value and useable outdoor space beyond the pool. Contact Alan Jackson Pools to discuss these options to update outdoor spaces before the summer heat is here.

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