Pool Installations Involve More Than Just Digging a Hole

Pool Installations Involve More Than Just Digging a Hole
February 7, 2019 sdcdev
Pool Installations Involve More Than Just Digging a Hole

When you’re considering a pool installation for your High Desert home in California, you want to trust this work to competent professionals with a proven track record. And if the thought of a backhoe digging up part of your landscape makes you cringe, you’ll understand even more the need to call on a pool company you can trust. But your pool installation extends far beyond digging that big hole in your yard; it also involves an analysis of your site, a skilled designer to pull everything together, the proper materials to install your pool, and a skilled crew to make it happen.

Pool Site Analysis

The topography of your proposed pool site includes considerations such as the type of terrain, the grade of its slope, and the proximity to your home. You wouldn’t want to leave the assessment of these considerations to just anyone other than a trained pool-site analyst. When you’re shopping around for a pool installer, look at the company’s online portfolio to see whether its other pool installations fit into the landscape or don’t quite “blend” with their surroundings.

Skilled Pool Designer

You may want other hardscape features installed other than your pool. For example, would you also like to have a new patio or an outdoor kitchen to complement your pool design? Find a company that can handle all your requests with a comprehensive installation plan that includes all the items on your “want” list.

Proper Pool Installation Materials

If you cut corners here, you may be in for disappointment later. Your pool is an investment that you want to enjoy for many years to come. This is why you want to hire a pool company that doesn’t skimp on quality materials just to get the job done.

Skilled Pool Installation Crew

High-quality materials are only as good as the crew that installs your pool. Check credentials and ask questions about your pool installer’s crew. At a minimum, the crew should be fully licensed and bonded. But their installation experience coupled with their professional appearance also go a long way toward making your pool installation experience a positive one.

We at Alan Jackson Pools Inc. know you may have a lot of questions about your pool installation. Contact us to discuss your Lancaster, Palmdale, or Santa Clarita project or to schedule an on-site estimate.

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