Just How Important are Routinely Scheduled Pool Services?

Just How Important are Routinely Scheduled Pool Services?
April 2, 2020 sdcadmin

Summer is only a few months away, and nothing beats the heat while bringing people together like a good weekend pool party. That said, it is critical for homeowners to understand that a properly maintained pool is the cornerstone to allowing that first cannonball. After all, if a pool suffers an equipment failure, and its water becomes unsanitary, nobody in your life will be making a splash any time soon. This article is intended to help readers understand why it is important to schedule routine pool services, and what they typically entail.

A Neglected Pool Leads to Algae Growth

If you wanted to swim in algae-infested water filled with bugs, you would go splash around in a swamp. When people neglect their pool for more than two weeks, a swamp in their backyard is exactly what they get. When left untreated, algae grows and demolishes the chlorine, biguanide, or other water sanitizing method pools tend to utilize. When people come in contact with stagnant, algae-coated water, they can get ill. In addition, algae can stain your pool and require expensive resurfacing. It can also clog the filters and put a strain on the pumps–something that may result in having to replace the entire system. By investing in regular pool maintenance services, you can ensure a long lifespan on your pool and safe conditions for many summers to come.

Pool Services Provide for Early Detection

If a swimming pool has a problem that goes untreated, the issue will get worse, and the repair costs can soar. This is unfortunate because, most of the time, minor problems are quick fixes. However, when these red flags are ignored the necessary repairs become more complicated according to the severity of the damage. For example, failure to continuously add the right chemicals to pool water can cause acidity levels to increase which can cause pitting in your pool’s surface. While pitting starts off as something that’s unsightly, over time cracks can form and cause further damage that’s more expensive to correct. Tiles can also crack, and create yet another expensive repair bill. In addition, metal components like the ladder and screws can become corroded and weaken the fasteners thus causing a safety concern. Investing in pool maintenance services will allow homeowners to protect the integrity of their pool investment, provide a safe and healthy place for friends and family, and prevent any unnecessary hefty repair bills.

Be Proactive

Be sure to skim the water surface for debris that could clog your pool’s filter system. This task takes very little time and should be done at least every other day. So long as you have a trusted pool service provider performing routine maintenance on your pool’s system and water health, you will enjoy many more years of creating fun-filled splashes and memories with the people you care about the most.  Contact us to get started!

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