In Ground Pool Guide to Maintaining Equipment

In Ground Pool Guide to Maintaining Equipment
July 2, 2020 sdcadmin

During the summer months, you will probably be constantly checking the chlorine and PH balance to ensure the water in your pool is clean and clear. This is only part of the upkeep that needs to be done. Inspecting your pool equipment regularly will keep any problems from letting you use your pool when you want. The following in-ground pool equipment maintenance guide will help ensure your pool is well-maintained all summer:

Ensure Your Pool Is Safe: Repair Damaged Skimmer and Drain Covers

The pool area needs to be safe during summer. One of the first things you want to do is check skimmer covers for damage. Replace them as needed with safety covers. If a drain cover is old and worn, replace it as well. Pool drain systems should be modern and have safety covers to prevent injuries and hazards during the summer swimming season.

Backwash the Filter Medium: Key to a Clean Filter

Sand, salt, and diatomaceous earth (DE) are just a few mediums filter systems use to keep the pool water clean. These filter mediums do a great job of removing dirt and other small particles from the water, but they need to be well-maintained. This starts with having the filter backwashed (the water flows through the filter medium in reverse) regularly and occasionally changing or cleaning the filter.

Check the Plumbing: Spot Damage and Leaks Early

Plumbing leaks can lead to serious problems that reduce water quality and ruin equipment. Check out the plumbing of your pool after periods of non-use and watch for any issues during summer. Scheduled inspections will help discover any leaks or damaged pipes early, making it easier to repair the problem quickly before it causes serious concerns.

Pool Pump Maintenance: Circulate and Filter Water Efficiently

The pool pump circulates your water through the filtering system to keep your pool clean. Like other components, it too can wear over time. Dirty components may need cleaning, or worn or broken parts need replacing. The pump can require special maintenance and repairs to ensure that it is circulating the water efficiently to keep your pool clean.

These are some tasks that will safeguard your pool equipment. A well-maintained pool can prevent problems and let you enjoy your pool carefree. If you need help with the upkeep of your equipment, contact Alan Jackson Pools for services to keep your pool at its very best.

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