How Pools Are Constructed: A Step-By-Step Guide

How Pools Are Constructed: A Step-By-Step Guide
April 28, 2022 sdcdesign

So, you’re already dreaming about lounging by your crystal blue waters oasis, and you’re thinking of getting a pool installed. Before getting too caught up in your dreams, read this step-by-step guide to constructing an in-ground pool.

We broke down the process so that you can plan and know what to expect.

1. Design

The journey begins with a design phase where you’ll meet with our pool designer to discuss your vision for the pool. Afterward, we’ll develop a simplified 3D model of the pool you’ve envisioned.

2. Obtaining Permits 

The timeline for obtaining permits varies greatly. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to obtain a permit before constructing an in-ground pool. Permits communicate to neighbors and city officials that you’re building your pool safely and legally.

3. Choosing location and excavation 

Picking the best location is just as important as the pool itself. You’ll want a site that captures the sun, blocks breezes, and, if possible, within view of the house. From there, we can bring in the excavators and backhoes because it’s time to dig!

4. Installation of steel, plumbing, and electrical

Once the excavation is done, it’s time to install the pool’s skeleton and the power lines and plumbing that make the pool work. The process takes about 2 weeks for regular pools but can take up to 4 weeks for complex designs.

5. Adding concrete (gunite) and plastering 

It’s finally time to install the “pool” part of your in-ground swimming pool. The concrete is poured or shot in place to form the pool’s shell and then plastered for a nice smooth finish. Afterward, concrete pools are usually given about a week for curing. The pool can also be finished with special concrete paint or smooth pebble surfaces.

6. Adding the deck, landscaping, and custom features 

Once the pool base is complete, we will build a surface-level deck, and it’s at this stage, you might want to consider landscaping, custom pool lighting, or water features. The process takes about 2 weeks but can take longer depending on the number of features.

7. Filling the pool and treating it 

Once the interior and exterior are complete, it’s time to fill the pool. Our pool technician will first do an acid wash; about a day before fill-up, and after the water goes in, we’ll add harmless chemicals to keep the water clean and swimmable.

Are you ready for a pool?

Contact the experts at Alan Jackson Pools. Our team has the knowledge and technical skills to handle pool construction from start to finish while advising you every step of the way. At Alan Jackson Pools, our goal is clear – 100% customer satisfaction.

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