Getting Your Pool Ready For Summer

Getting Your Pool Ready For Summer
May 9, 2019 sdcadmin

Summer is fast approaching, which means it is time to return to your old swimming schedule. If you have been lax over the winter in keeping your pool maintained, it is time to catch up so that your pool is ready for the season. This will require taking a few basic steps.

Check And Clean The Filter

Filters are crucial to the health of your pool, and you need to get their cartridges or baskets cleaned regularly in order to make sure that they work properly. How often this should be done will depend on what type of filter you have, but if you haven’t been cleaning it regularly, doing so now would be a good idea. This is a good time to inspect it for damage, too, as cartridges can get ripped and plastic casings can crack. You can hire a pool maintenance crew to do this if you want someone who can give your filters a professional scrubbing.

Turn On The Equipment And Inspect The Pump

Did you turn off your pump and other pool equipment for the winter? You want to see if they are functioning and are leak-free before your guests start wading into the water, so turn on the equipment before the weather warms up. This will give you time to fix little problems and replace parts. This is also a good time to check the pump for cracks in the basket and to see if the pool light bulbs need changing for the same reason.

Do A Deep Clean And Start Regular Cleanings

Pools can get dirty over time. About once every 4 or 5 years, many pools can need a thorough cleaning, with the water being drained off and the surface being power washed. Most years, though, it will really only need to have the debris removed, the pH level returned to a comfortable level, and the water conditioned with the correct amounts of chemical. Pools that have been maintained throughout the winter won’t need as much work, and starting to monitor the pool water now will make sure it is ready for pool parties as soon as the June hits. It might help to make a regular schedule with a pool maintenance company now so you don’t have to deal with it again.

If you want to get ready for summer, contact us. Alan Jackson Pools specializes in pool maintenance packages, and we look forward to making your swimming schedule as comfortable as possible.


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