From Dreaming to Diving In- Custom Pool Design

From Dreaming to Diving In- Custom Pool Design
May 26, 2022 sdcdesign
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Installing an in-ground pool can transform the simplest and smallest home into a magical haven. It can take the most elaborate of homes or businesses and enhance the luxurious experience. From the dream of such an oasis, to the intricate 3D design stage, to the quality construction, to the first splash in the refreshing water, Alan Jackson Pools walks through each step with you. Whether residential or commercial, it all begins with a design. A few designer tricks regarding placement, function, and style of the pool can make all the difference between a body of water and a desirable oasis.

Make Your Pool Visible From Inside

Interior decoration is all about that focal point, and the same is true about the presentation of an outdoor area. The trick to designing a pool that transforms the feel of your indoor space is to avoid isolating the indoors from the outdoors. Instead, bring the inside out and the outside in with a pool that is visible from indoors. Position your pool so it can be admired from large living room windows, or framed within a sliding glass door. It is a bonus if any bedrooms or upstairs balconies provide a view of the shimmering water.

Decide Which Features You Will Enjoy

Who will be the lucky ones who will enjoy this magical centerpiece? Will you be entertaining children or business associates? Are you hoping for a more intimate setting? Consider options to make your space function exactly as you intend. A pool can be shallow or deep, and it can offer an exciting water slide or display a lovely waterfall feature which delights the eyes and ears. A jacuzzi is an especially enticing addition to a pool – allowing your outdoor oasis to be enjoyed year-round. Remember  that it is not all about entertaining others; be sure to include your own desires in your design! It should be a peaceful or happy place for yourself as well.

Be Consistent Inside and Out with Your Style

This is a good time to really think about the style you like. Do you enjoy a classic tropical feel to your pool? Then bring that tropical flare inside also. Would you like to maintain the classy, modern style you have long enjoyed within your home? Then let your pool area be a smooth transition from the indoors by giving your pool a modern design. What style makes you smile? Use your style inside and out! Are you unsure about your style, or do you feel like you might want to mix it up? We are here to help. And as we like to say, “If you can dream it, we can build it!”

This only touches the surface of the possibilities for your refreshing oasis. Thankfully, with over 35 years of experience, Alan Jackson Pools will present many other options you may never have considered. Beyond design, quality materials and experienced installation of plumbing and electrical components are important steps in ensuring the longevity of your pool. Take time to look through our gallery for ideas and speak to one of our pool experts to come up with the right design for you. Whatever the style of your home, a pool is a universal attention-grabber. It is desirable whether diving into the cool water or sitting beside it for a quiet conversation. It is a welcoming setting for both large and small gatherings. Have fun dreaming, and then contact us to help you put it all together into a custom design and watch your unique oasis come to life!

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