Four Unique Design Ideas for Your Pool

Four Unique Design Ideas for Your Pool
May 7, 2020 sdcadmin

Pools are a great addition to any backyard. Both practical and decorative, installing a pool is a smart decision that will add value to virtually any home. But with the assistance of a professional design company, homeowners can create far more than a simple place to go swimming. With the right choices and technical know-know, a pool can become a work of art, transforming a backyard into an oasis.

Here are four unique pool design ideas for ambitious homes seeking to create paradise:

Swim-Up Bar

Interested in giving your pool a premium atmosphere? Consider installing a swim-up bar. Both aesthetically pleasing and functional, swim-up bars are a luxurious addition to any pool’s design. Incorporate soft ambient lighting and barstools that rest just above the water and suddenly your backyard becomes a classy resort.

Fountains Galore

Whether it be the placid beauty of a slow-moving creek or the rowdy, rip-roaring water jets at the Bellagio, there’s something about water in motion that captivates. Bring this soulful energy to the comfort of your own residence by designing a pool which incorporates fountains. Invoking classical sensibilities, a fountain or two is sure to bring a sophisticated aura to any backyard.

A Bridge for Your Moat

Exceptionally fitting for larger pools, a bridge is a unique and interesting feature and a great way to inject your pool with a charming touch of character. Open to customization, the exact design and details present on a bridge can greatly change the feel of an entire pool.

The Infinity Pool

A staple among luxury pools, the infinity pool is a timeless design, never failing to provide a sleek and modern finish. Appearing borderless, incorporating a negative-edge in your pool is an especially nice touch to add for pools with a view, allowing the water’s edge to seamlessly blend with its background.

Designing a pool is a perfect opportunity for homeowners to get creative and create a truly beautiful spectacle. If you’re interested in designing an amazing pool or have any questions, feel free to contact us at Alan Jackson Pools.

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