Five Tips For Swimming Pool Upkeep

Five Tips For Swimming Pool Upkeep
January 9, 2020 sdcadmin
Top 3 Reasons Why Pool Maintenance Is So Important

You love your pool – it keeps you cool in the summer and adds value to your home, but are you taking care of it like it needs? Here, we’ll go over five things that you should be doing to ensure your best pool health.

Swimming Pool Skimmer

If your pool didn’t come with a built-in pump system, then you’ll want to invest in a skimmer. A skimmer is a device that pulls water through it from the pool’s surface, skimming out anything floating on the surface. This keeps the pool’s water clear of any debris like fallen leaves or pollen. It should be emptied on a routine basis, preferably weekly.

Pool Enclosure

One step above a pool skimmer would be erecting a screen enclosure above your pool. Not only will it keep any leaves or pine needles from getting in your pool, but will also keep any animals from using your pool to wash themselves. While it is the more expensive option, it will last a much longer time than a pool skimmer and can add a sense of elegance.

Pool Chemicals

A part of having a pool is testing the water on a regular basis and adding chemicals to the water as they are needed, whether it is chlorine or pool shock. It’s important to have the right chemicals in the water so that swimmers are safe while swimming, especially if the pool is being used for the first time in a while, like after a long winter.

Patio Cleaning

You’ve invested in a beautiful patio around your pool, and it’s important to keep it in tip top condition. You don’t want mold or mildew growing on the patio, causing a slippery surface for you to fall on, so make sure you contact the professionals to do a thorough cleaning at least once a season.

Clean The Pool Walls

Once a week, the sides of the pool should be scrubbed, so that any debris are knocked loose to be picked up by the skimmer. This will keep your pool sparkling and fun to swim in, as well as healthy, ensuring that no algae grows on the sides of the pool.

Owning a pool is tons of fun, and with a little bit of work, it can be enjoyable for years to come. Contact us for all of your pool servicing needs, whether you need service today, or would like to schedule service in the future, we will be happy to accommodate all of your needs.

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