Designing Your Dream Pool

Designing Your Dream Pool
April 14, 2022 sdcdesign
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There’s no better way to cool off from the scorching heat than a refreshing dip in a swimming pool. It’s even better when the pool is in your backyard. Adding an in-ground swimming pool in your outdoor space can be an exciting prospect. Check out these tips on designing your dream pool:

What to Consider when Designing a Pool

Designing your dream pool can be fun, but should not be taken lightly. It’s a lifetime decision, and you need to be happy and content with your choices, right? Various factors like type, design, color, and size are essential when designing a pool. Here are a few tips to consider when making that decision:

  • What are your ultimate goals for creating that pool?
  • The size of your backyard. It will affect the design and size of your pool.
  • The type of in-ground pool you want.
  • The features you want to integrate into your pool.
  • The style/ shape of the pool you want.

With this in mind, you should take careful consideration when planning to purchase a pool. Many people buy a pool for the following reasons:

  • Exercise- a rectangular-shaped/ square pool is ideal for water aerobics/ laps.
  • Entertainment- if your goals are for relaxing hangouts, then depth will be a major factor here instead of shape.
  • Curb Appeal- if your goals are to increase your property’s value, then the landscaping design and shape of the pool will be important here.

Features to Consider for your Pool

Another vital factor to consider for your pool design is the features you want to incorporate. Here are features you can take into consideration:

  • Wading pool – If you have toddlers/ even grandchildren, this would be a great element to add to your pool. It could be separate or added to your main pool via a walk-in design.
  • Bench Seating – You can install benches on the pool’s edges for people to sit/ relax.
  • Diving Board/ Slides – This feature requires adequate space for the structures.

Today’s in-ground swimming pools come in various shapes and design elements, not the common rectangular post-WWII turquoise-lined ones. Alan Jackson Pools Inc. is the place to go when you’re looking to enhance your property with an in-ground swimming pool. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

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