Designing the Right Pool For Your Yard

Designing the Right Pool For Your Yard
September 8, 2022 sdcdesign
Pool Installations Involve More Than Just Digging a Hole

Every yard has the potential for a swimming pool and Alan Jackson Pools will create the perfect in-ground pool and spa for your Southern California home. We design and install the pool and make recommendations for landscaping. This turns your yard into a resort, the perfect place for a staycation. A custom in-ground pool also adds value to your property.

Environmental Designs

In-ground pools can be designed in any shape to blend with your surroundings. Free form pools in different sizes and shapes make the best use of space. Your dazzling pool will be the focal point of the yard, enhanced by environmentally-friendly landscaping.

Water Features

Your blue pool will sparkle and contrast beautifully with the pale desert tones of the coping and walkways, also known as hardscape. Consider including features such as a waterfall, fountain, and other elements to create your dream oasis. A jetted spa tub is a popular addition to backyard pool designs.

Backyard Oasis

Designing your dream yard doesn’t have to stop with the pool. Consider incorporating additional features such as a patio area, fireplace, and outdoor kitchen to your design to complement your pool. We can install custom lighting in the pool and provide the foundations for patio and other outdoor lights.

Installation Process

Once your custom design is ready we will walk you through the entire process to the finished installation. This includes the yard’s excavation for the shape of your pool. Dirt is hauled away or used in another location in your yard such as raised planting beds. Although we do not install landscaping, we can create hardscape walls and borders for the area to be planted near the pool.

Contact us at Alan Jackson Pools for a free consultation with our architects and designers.

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