Designing an In Ground Pool that Is Pet-Friendly

Designing an In Ground Pool that Is Pet-Friendly
July 23, 2020 sdcadmin

When we make pools, we want to make all the members in our family comfortable in it. This includes your pets, since there are many animals besides humans who like swimming. Dogs famously love it, and there are many cats and other creatures who enjoy it. Your pool needs these three features if it’s going to be friendly for your pets.

A Shallow Area

Most mid-sized animals will feel more comfortable in the pool if they have a place they can sit down in. You can accommodate this by designing a pool with a very shallow section. You might include a tanning ledge, for instance, which is a wide shelf that is about 8 to 12 inches underwater. Another way to give your pet a shallow spot is to simply have one side of the pool have a very gentle slope or have your shallow end start at one foot in depth.

Wide Steps into the Pool

Your pet will have a hard time finding steps the first time, and they will have trouble using small steps. With that in mind, the steps you design should be wide and shallow. Most animals won’t be able to use a ladder, but you can install ladders on the deep end and steps on the shallow end if both of you will be using the pool.

Careful Use of Water Features

Some features are better for pets than others, and some require some work. Slides can be nice for pets, but fountains might scare them. You will have to base it on what you know about your pet. They might dislike loud noises, or they may like biting streams of water. You might want to look for features that are quiet and without any moving parts.

Designing a pool for all of the people in your family, including the furry ones, requires some thought and expertise. If you want someone who can help you with that, contact Alan Jackson Pools.

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