Designing a Pool with Your Young Child’s Safety in Mind

Designing a Pool with Your Young Child’s Safety in Mind
October 1, 2020 sdcadmin

Many families dream of having their own backyard pool that they can enjoy with family and friends. If you have small children, though, safety should be a top priority. When designing a pool with children in mind, there are at least three things to consider.

The Fence

When you have young children, having a fence around your pool is especially important. Do not, though, rely on the fence as your only safety measure. Teach your children about pool safety. Explain to them that they should never try to go swimming without an adult present, and then keep a close eye on them while they are in or around the pool. Think of your fence as an important back-up.

The Depth

With small children, you will likely want a shallow area where they can play. Of course, you don’t want your whole pool to be shallow. As your children get older and become more confident swimmers, your whole family will likely want to spend more time in the deep end. Having a pool with wide steps and a gradual increase in depth will allow you to feel more comfortable when your children are in the pool.

The Observation Area

If you have a young child, you will want to always have an adult or an older child in the pool to ensure that the young child is safe. Even as your children get a little older, though, you will want to be nearby, watching them even if you are not physically in the pool with them. Design your pool so that you can easily watch your children from nearby. This may include having a lounging area next to the pool or putting your outdoor kitchen near the pool.

Your children’s safety should always be a top priority when it comes to designing a pool. Contact us when you are ready to start creating your own kid friendly custom pool.

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