Design a Waterfall You’ll Love

Design a Waterfall You’ll Love
September 12, 2019 sdcadmin

At Alan Jackson Pools we pride ourselves on a job well done. Part of that job is creating a unique and aesthetically pleasing pool for each customer here in the Antelope Valley and beyond. Waterfalls are a great way to make your pool both more interesting to see and hear, and they certainly add a luxury element to your custom pool design. With the right waterfall, your backyard becomes a true oasis in the desert.

Types of Waterfalls

You’ll want to sit down with our professional pool designer to go over waterfall types in depth. Take a look at our gallery for some pool ideas first. Once you’ve settled on a few ideas for your main pool design consider your waterfall.

Natural Waterfalls

  • Constructed of real rock or created rock (we can source specialty rock too, for a lux look)
  • Have a natural-looking appeal
  • Well suited to organic “free form” shaped pools
  • Not great for geometric shaped pools (rectangles, oval, kidney shapes)
  • Can be added on to existing pools
  • Can house a natural-looking water slide for fun!
  • Great for “grottoes”, little caves you can swim into and relax

Water Walls

  • Water spills over the side of a wall
  • Modern appearance, not natural looking
  • Look great with geometric-shaped pools
  • Can be added on to many existing pools
  • Sheer Descent water walls look like a thin sheet of water suspended in the air

Sconces & Scuppers

Sconces and scuppers are smaller additions that can be placed around your pool for added aesthetics. These smaller additions are great for very small pools, modern pools, and geometric pools. They are generally more economical too. Statuary can be used as well! Imagine leaping fish, dolphins or goddesses pouring endless water into your pool!

Your pool is our business at Alan Jackson Pools. Check out our website for more great ideas and pool articles. If you’d like to learn more about a custom waterfall addition on your new or existing pool contact us today!

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