Custom Design Ideas That Will Really Make Your Pool Unique

Custom Design Ideas That Will Really Make Your Pool Unique
April 12, 2018 sdcadmin
Custom Design Ideas That Will Really Make Your Pool Unique

Lounging by the pool can quickly become one of the best things about owning a home. And what can make your pool even better is when you design it in a way that it’s personalized to your own style. Check out these design ideas that can really add character to your pool.



There are no rules that say your pool has to be a common shape, such as rectangular or kidney-shaped. You can really get creative with the shape of a modern pool design. Consider a design that’s meaningful to you. There are many innovative pool shapes out there that has your name written all over them.


Tropical Feel

Nobody says that you have to actually live in the Caribbean to feel like you do. There are lots of ways to turn your pool area into an area that reflects a tropical setting in your own backyard. Have fun creating your own tropical oasis.


Fire Features

Fire features can create a lot of enjoyment, as well as a great centerpiece for conversation. Add a fire feature to any pool to instantly create an exciting glow, as well as some warmth on a chilly evening.



Water features, such as waterfalls, are a great way to create peace and serenity. They will surely capture the attention of anybody around them. The sound of water spilling into your pool is truly a wonderful sound.



Have natural looking rocks incorporated into your pool to really give it an intriguing appearance? You can add a large pile of stones or even an entire wall of rocks. Consider doing a waterfall over the rocks.



Of course, you’ll want to seat for around your pool. Consider staying away from the typical plastic and wicker seating and go with something that better suits your style. Think of materials like teak, stone, or concrete. The seating you choose will really have an impact on the whole atmosphere.



And you can’t forget about the lighting. The right outdoor lighting will create the perfect aura. Consider things like soft whites, multi-colored spotlights, and even an underwater glow.


Please contact us at Alan Jackson Pools to learn more about design ideas that can really make your pool unique.

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