Can You Install A Pool In A Yard With A Lot Of Clay?

Can You Install A Pool In A Yard With A Lot Of Clay?
May 3, 2018 sdcadmin
Can You Install A Pool In A Yard With A Lot Of Clay?

Building a swimming pool is often an excellent choice for those who have children or who plan on entertaining a large number of people. However, some concerns can occur if your pool is installed in certain types of soil. For example, land that is rich with clay can be a real concern because it can affect the way that your pool sits on the ground and make it hard to enjoy.


Soils That Are Rich In Clay

Soils that are rich in clay are often tricky for construction jobs because it is so hard to remove. The same is true of your pool installation. You’ll have to carefully remove the clay around the area in which you plan to build your pool. As a result, the ground may shift position or even collapse if you aren’t careful when managing the structure of the clay that you remove. Even worse, you just can’t backfill the pool area with clay. That’s because it isn’t stable enough to hold up your pool. Even worse, it can cause water to collect near the sides of your pool and damage its exterior. As a result, you need to backfill with sand or gravel to ensure that your pool sits appropriately. It will cost a little bit more to perform this process, but it is a step that you need to take before finishing the installation.


Sand and Gravel

Backfilling a pool with sand and gravel also helps to dissipate any water that may collect near it. That’s because these soil types are nowhere nears as dense as clay and allow water to spread through your yard. This benefit is also great if you have grass or trees in your yard that need a lot of moisture to say healthy.


If you have soil that is filled with clay and you want a new pool installed, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our professionals will find a solution that works for your yard and get you the pool that you deserve to own.

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